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Thursday, May 19, 2005
Yakyaks' tickling

There are those who speak as if they're on top of the world, stuck-ups, braggarts, pretentious beins, those who focus way too much on their egos, on their titles. Yet... whoa. How bigga impact is their existence on universal und integral interest anyway?

snoozed at 5:09 PM .
Friday, May 13, 2005
Darn these pet peeves

Can't stand people who get in the way! In the malls, sidewalks, escalators!!!, everywhere, they're all over... so many inconsiderate slackin slowpokes!!! It happens too often, every friggin day... trailing behind a poky, or sometimes a group of them, then they'd just halt and talk, and they'd straddle right in the middle, just there, and won't care less. O helllooo!... if you could stay on the right??? the right side maybe????? For crying out loud! - just get out of the way!!!

Now watch. I'm about to step out the building, and I bet a million bucks there'll be at least one out there.

snoozed at 7:40 PM .
Wednesday, May 11, 2005
Heat-quenching hit

Just don't know what's it with Christopher Cross' Sailing, but it certainly steers a cool breeze towards me whenever I play it. The song, well the whole album for that matter, has really come in handy in any heat wave I've experienced. It reminds me also of this particular humid summer day ages ago, when the family set up picnic at Marie Curtis Park located along Erie lakeshore. We had Christopher Cross on manual dash repeat mode in the background. Sailing took care of the mood, freesbies flung like flying Stabilos, seagulls loitered the shoreline, and ahoy!... No sails in sight! Achoke! Achoke!

snoozed at 4:36 PM .
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