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Monday, March 21, 2005
A sorrowful mystery

Posted by Hello

snoozed at 10:17 PM .
Thursday, March 17, 2005
Holocaust home

Folks, this is purely nonfictional... (Proceed at your own risk!)

Here are the aged householders: the woman now immobile and hardly recovering from a dreadful stroke wherein she recently took on a 50-50 fate a month ago, while the man manifests a perfect example of ol’ poppa in his senilities… still mobile, anyway. The broods have formed their respective families, some abroad, the rest some distance away from home.

Here are the maids for about 4 years or so now, both in their teens. They've known the running in the house by heart, and they've gotten so used to joking around with the old fellas. They've often displayed alarming but still(?) easy provocations, and by hearing them, I could only do a hmm, hey, and let go, aware of the fact that the old woman had a controlling nature at the time.

Now that she's suffered the stroke, the maids have unbelievably progressed and gone intolerably overboard, I mean it. One of them can so typically refuse the man’s orders. To witness this crusher day in and day out is awfully mind-boggling + heart-breaking…. Mort’s too cruel to swallow!

The masters are dummied by the servants. That's right. Ripleys should seriously check this out.

Yesterday morning, I had a chaotic argument with the eldest about the situation over a long-distance phoneline; she’s about 48 years of age. (Call me discourteous, names, anything! But I---D-O-N'-T---C-A-R-E-!!!!!) The spat was driven by the incident the day before, when I had a blaring exchange of words with one of the maids... But, there's not enough energy left in me to go deeper into this side of the story... Anyways, there I was fighting for the poor afflicted parents. Then this “caring” old bag brushed me off, and contended that I should let them be… Just because they’re too afraid to let go of what they consider the indispensable housekeepers.

'Course, I lost the bout. It kept my eyes red from weeping for the rest of the day.

Arrggghh!!! AARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thought it could help, but... Lord, bless them. Bless them all.

snoozed at 9:31 PM .
Saturday, March 05, 2005
Oh, brother

Was hungrily looking forward to a full week's serenity away from work. And then, surprise, surprise!! -- Jonathan’s coming home for a 3-week visit!!!! Ain't it wonderful??!!!! :-)
Bring me back to reality... Pllleazze!!!

This is the brother… my one and only… the eldest... the respectable… (huh???)... the one who’s always right... the one with the phoniest laugh. Hehe.

I actually never experienced what’s it like to have a brother… the I have, yet I don’t have kind of thing. Can’t understand what’s it about me that always-always annoyed him in our younger years.

He took quite some effort to build ties the last time around, though. But I don’t know, nothing to get excited about, really. All I could give in return were untiring smirks. In one ear, and out the other.

So, we’ll see. Can’t wait to fine and dine soon. (can say that again.)

Anyways, welcome back, Mr. Right.

snoozed at 8:11 PM .
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