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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Love in the first degree

Regardless of the spacious hospitality, this blog cannot contain words for sentiments that dwell within, considering these past two weeks have deprived me off decent sleep and leisure time. And still it persists.

Anyways, who would’ve thought that the person who despised and spurned yours truly some 15 years back, would be the very same person I’d coexist with, watch over, and came Cupid’s Day, changed diapers and bedclothes for in a soakin’-pee bed while torpid and bedridden in the hospital? Certainly not I.

The act was not out of love per se or as the norm sees it, but purely out of consolation for heaven’s sake… rather, for the sake of heaven.

snoozed at 8:30 PM .

Manila CSRs get served free vending machine Nescafe coffee. Going into my 6th month in this office, the flavor has turned from RObust to bust.

Client Bellevue staff get their perk from a machine all courtesy of Starbucks.

As in… here are the flavors of the week:

A4 : House Blend
A5 : Arabian Mocha Java
A6 : Rhumba Frap
A7 : Iced Caramel Macchiato

Press a code, and enjoy.

Those guys better have a good excuse for getting sick of drinking their coffee.

snoozed at 12:53 PM .
Friday, February 11, 2005
Make mine fish

Abstinence Friday is here. Remember the famous ad slogan, Chicken of the Sea?... and everyone used to sing it out of nowhere? It was even on one occasion Jessica Simpson’s dilemma in one of her MTV episodes… chicken or tuna?… looked stupid, but true too. Fish can nowadays be cooked just as delectable as beef, chicken or pork. Not much of a challenge to fight the craving for real meat no more. There are the meatless pasta dishes, anchovy pizza, fish burger, sushi, veggie patties, burrito, fish fillet, vegetarian stuff, tofu, tuna casseroles, tuna sisig, whatchamacallit bellies, and so on… in different forms and riches. And heck, you can even ask for it well done, medium rare, or rare. The intake nevertheless gives off great chow just the same without absorbing the nasty lardy stuff.

Then again, nothing yummier than hot & spicy pulutan-style sardines and rice; never tuyo and rice without tomato ketchup on the side.

snoozed at 8:00 PM .
Thursday, February 10, 2005
Time-capsuled euphony

Whoa, that was another version of Jessie’s Girl??? Sounds xactly like Rick Springfield. Frickin’ A… Oh, that's the name of the artist.

I agree. :)

Hardly any catchy music nowadays. These music artists need serious creative counseling.

Take it from the 80's. Those musicians had pitched in brilliantly with their remarkable unique styles… they circulated a decade-full of great music through and through. From punk to funk, to love, to soft rock, to hard rock, to dance, pop, alternative, new wave, short version, 12” version, local, international… they got it!... An abundance of fun music for so little time.

Which reminds me, there's quite a number of songs I so long to hear. Haven't heard Suffer the Children (Tears for Fears) in ages; Round and Round (New Order), I Melt With You (Modern English), Heat of the Moment (Asia), Major Tom (Peter Schilling), ... and more... bushels of them. I'll get them all... I know it... have got to start a compilation. HMV should have them... Then keep em in a secure memory... an iPod or something... will make sure of that. This project may take some time, but it'll be worth it. Good music for keeps.

snoozed at 10:29 PM .
Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Call me Miss Fortune

Good Fortune!!! (is there such bad fortune anyway?) Brought fried soft-in-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside tikoy for snack today. And now this? A whole box of tikoy from Cliff!!! He hands it and goes, “… for good fortune.” One of the best in Chinese creation, I mean tikoy. He’s half Chinese, and he doesn’t look like one, I mean Cliff. Panis na Chekwa. Just joshin, man.

Pretty ironic of what I thought would be something like doomsday. Hey, hey.

snoozed at 1:52 PM .
Saturday, February 05, 2005
Stoned by labor

These weary overworked eyes have had it this week. Feels like I’m carrying beanbags over my cheekbones. Wish these last 3600 seconds could tick by a bit faster. I can’t think anymore. I’m seeing… well, I can’t see right, not even left anymore.

!)@(#*$&%`~?>" ... !)@(#*$&%`~?>"... !)@(#*$&%`~?>"... !)@(#*$&%`~?>".................

See that?!!! Been starin at the screen like it's hypnotizing!!!

Adios, Ariverderci, Auf Wiedersehen, Au revoir!... In short, Am outa here!

snoozed at 7:56 PM .
Thursday, February 03, 2005
UnCredible stats

These Dedicated E-mail weekly performance stats are just fulla baloney. Those twerps consistently commended for their high productivity and low ASAs – sheesh… Certified Jive Turkeys. What’s freakier about it is, chief gives such meandering so-called warnings like “you guys know who you are”, … Yeah, and???… C’mon you can do it, …and?… ANDDDD?????… Cul-de-sac! (Cool-de-sucks?) Plus! the nerve to give em praises n all… Yea-yea… ba-humbug!!!!
Drives me up the wall.


snoozed at 8:49 PM .
Wednesday, February 02, 2005
What is goin on here?!

Here’s another actual case. A mind-boggler. Delta delayed a customer’s flight from West Palm Beach to Atlanta to a 1PM departure. Then delayed the Atlanta-Nashville connection to a 10PM flight, which was unacceptable to the passenger due to health reasons. I repeat, health reasons.

Passenger's name: John B. Pietsch, MD

snoozed at 5:06 PM .

Just resolved a case of a charred customer named Sil Vanus. How sweet... (choke) NO!!

Think I'll settle for the ones at Burger Machine... yup! Cheap and tolerable.

snoozed at 3:37 PM .
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