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Thursday, January 27, 2005
Fudd for Thought

Reasons why Elmer Fudd swears he'd never return to the Philippines again:

1 - No wabbits!!!!

2 - Once, during his primary school years at Mababang Paaralan ng Lunsod ng San Roque, young Elmer had to present a special part in the annual Filipiniana Celebration. His song:

Wewon, wewon, sinta,
Buko ng papaya,

Dawa dawa'y buswo
Sisidwan ng sinta;
Pagdating sa duwo'y
Nabawi ang sanga,
Kapos kapawawan
Humanap ng iba.

Before he could make the next step, a buko pie came flying and swacked him right on the nose! *SPLAT!* (Wascawy scawawags!!!!!!)

3 - In another school incident... he had to deal with his ruthless finicky history teacher who severely tried to get him to pronounce this in front of the class:









Teacher and poor boy got nowhere. Elmer dragged his way home with bumps, scratches and bruises.

4 - Jeepney drivers never pulled for his stop... Pawa! Pawa!!! PAWA!!!!

5 - He always managed to get into a fight, though he never asked for it… of course, there were bully sessions... and after he received each blow, however it may be, he’d cry out...
*Thug!* "AWAY!"
*Kerpow!* "AWWAY!!!"
*POW!* *WHAP!* *BAM!* *OOOF!* *ZOWIE!* *BIFF!* * PLOINK!* *ZAP!*
(Sigh, sigh, sigh.....)

snoozed at 8:37 PM .

It’s Batch-57 – Expedia-32’s, our batch’s 2nd year anniversary. E74 has just been welcomed to the floor. Wow. Should I feel sad, fulfilled, hopeful, what? Honestly, I’m pretty comfortable at this moment in time, and somehow savoring it. A lot of them have walked out, and it’s actually Sam’s last day today… general reason is that the firm enforces strict policies too severe for their bearing.

Regardless, I take it as upright. It’s a fairly decent training ground for discipline – in all aspects.

snoozed at 1:19 PM .
Tuesday, January 25, 2005
Ewmew, you made my day

Came acwoss the most amusing and cutest seawch engine… Google in Elmer Fudd’s lingo. Makes me speak in tongues. Makes me squeak with waftew! :-)

snoozed at 7:25 PM .

It’s Tuesday, my Monday. First day back to work and I already miss my bestfriend – I won't get to see her fully awake til Saturday. Grreat. :-/ She’s witty, charming, hilarious, never a dull moment with my cockerelle-born babe. Yet she physically resembles the aBoMinable one. GGGagggg me!!! Spit-spit-spit-spit-SPIT!!!!!!!!!!!! If only I could do business with Mattel to manufacture a customized non-toxic compressible sponge rubber of the latter’s head… I’d be awfully rich!!!!

snoozed at 2:44 PM .
Friday, January 21, 2005
This mind sees something else...

I'd rather go for proper maintenance than work on a new look. Proper maintenance upholds a relatively fresh and fitting appearance regardless of the amount of time the object ages. It's cause of this... everrry single workday, I pass by the Insular Life building at Ayala cor. Paseo, and I can't help but find the structure’s modern makeover sad, a sorry state of (duh) art. As for the whim on trend-chasers' pursuit-for-the-gorgeous-look nowadays, I believe it’s nothing different. People are created beautiful. There are no exceptions. If I could remember Titan (as her father would call her) during a Miss Universe pageant in the 90’s. Question asked was what she thought of women wearing make-up… and carrying that compelling personality, she strongly responded: “I don’t mess around with God’s creation” – which won her the crown.

snoozed at 2:09 PM .
Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Window's now opened

Yesterday, I was more than surprised to receive e-mail from a long-lost friend. More like psych-lense broken to me. (Smirk, smirk, gulP)


So much for the lovely motherland I knew where pride, social prominence seekers and foul used to be downright scarce. I wonder that with its ongoing state of affairs and given the above mind-set, what’s it getting itself into? I often wonder.

Well, why rash out over such? I came to mend things. But this is another story all together.

Anyway, the window undrapes a setting of a fine suite on 25th floor: Views of the great lake, the world’s tallest tower and the TO skyline… where all else can be forgotten. Square One’s a step away. The gym should come in handy to melt away lard through hibernation. The PC shall take its place in the ever conducive solarium. (Of course! It’s always belonged there.) And to top it off… D pool. Come to think of it, I haven’t lapsed in years. OooH, Dooty, Dooty!

snoozed at 9:25 PM .
Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Here's to good times

If you were a kid in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or even early 80’s ...how did you survive your childhood?

1.- When we were growing up we never wore seatbelts in the car, cars didn’t have airbags…

2.- Riding on the back of a pick up truck was an adventure that we still remember!

3.- Our cribs were painted with bright colors (paint which was full of lead)

4.- We didn’t have childproof medicine bottles, nor did our parents ever childproof our house

5.- When we rode our bikes we never wore a helmet.

6.- We would drink water from the faucet or from a hose in the backyard (not bottled water).

7.- We didn’t have cell phones , so our parents were never able to reach us (awesome) .

8.- We would get scrapes, bruises, brake bones, lose teeth, but we would never sue for these accidents.

9.- We would eat cake, , bread and butter, drink sugary drinks, and we weren’t overweight because we were always outside playing

10.- Four of us would share a drink, we would all drink from the same bottle and that wasn’t gross nor would anyone get sick.

11.- We didn’t have Playstations, Nintendo 64, X boxes, video games, cable TV with over 100 channels, VCR’s, surround sound, cellular phones, computers , online chatrooms , instead we would have tons of FRIENDS

12.- Some of us weren’t as bright as others but when one would get left back that was no big deal. They would not get taken to a psychologist, nor did they ever suffer from dyslexia, hyperactivity, ADHD, ADD, etc, they would simply repeat the grade until they passed.

13.- We had freedom, mishaps, successes, responsibilities, and we would learn to deal with them.

The question is… How did we survive? and above all, to become the GREAT people that we are today?

Children of this age will probably say that we were very boring, but I believe that we were VERY HAPPY CHILDREN.

We were happy in our own way; today’s kids are happy in theirs. We miss what we had; they don’t miss what they did not experience.

Those were times when kidnappings and drug abuse weren’t so widespread. Those were times when there were enough open spaces where kids could race on their bikes (without being run over by jeepneys), run (without getting hit by trucks), chase butterflies and dragonflies (very few can survive the pollution in the cities) and daydream on the grass (can you do that on concrete pavements?). Those times are gone.

If we think they are great things about our childhood that are still possible today, and we want our own kids to experience them, we can always show them and let them decide if they think as well that they’re great.

snoozed at 1:16 PM .
Saturday, January 15, 2005
Really, is laughter the best medicine?

We were having lunch in the mall-foodcourt last weekend. Across the table was my 11-year-old daughter, Mikaela. Noticing a bus boy clear the other table, she started to envision:

“Kung ako naging presidente ng Pilipinas, lahat ng janitor gagawin kong manager. Lahat ng manager, janitor!

“I will do Corporal Works of Mercy! I will visit those in prison, visit the sick, give water to the thirsty - Water lang! Lahat ng nagda-diet, i-fee-feed ko! Lahat ng nagsisiping i-clo-clothe ko! ... ”

Wacky girl caused a riot. The one next to me could’ve died laughing. Literally.

snoozed at 8:32 PM .
Wednesday, January 12, 2005
A mum's leap of faith

Late last week, caught up on Cory’s discussion with a colleague on CHUM-FM online stream during their CHUM Disaster Relief Day campaign. Story’s about a mother and her 2 sons (2 and 5 years of age) during the Tsunami hit in Thailand.

The story lingers in mind to date, really… Water engulfed the area, and the mother desperately clinging onto her two sons, had to decide in a matter of seconds who of the 2 to let go. If she hung on to both, all 3 of them would die, so was left to let go of the elder child.

To mull over how it was if I were in her shoes... Fully aware that my child couldn't swim, I had to distraughtly witness the massive waves seize my boy away right before my very eyes. Would I have had enough energy to hold up my spirit in that agonizing moment? Maybe, maybe not. Jillian did. She had to be ready to confront it.

In the end, 5-year-old Lachie was found two hours later, having been discovered by a security guard clinging to a door to keep his head above water.

Ssso inspiring. Hail to you, Jillian Searle!

Para bang si Abraham, when God tested him to offer Isaac as a sacrifice.

God is here. Just believe.

Anyway, received e-mail from Phya this morning that I can relate this story to. It's one of the most awe-inspiring presentations I've seen--

snoozed at 8:43 PM .

My PS daily ritual transpires:

Logged in at entrance at 11am, spruced up in washroom, dropped by the AM email team area, and as always, at least one of them lets out tsismax of the day to keep our team's internal issues updated. Hmm. Nothing new there.

Before logging in at 12, I normally have brunch in the pantry with a brunch mate. Never had I known that I would get to know her this close. If I could recall as a newbie (that was 2 years back), I was too reserved to come near this girl. She actually is an eye-catcher to guys, pero kasi, antipatika sha e, kaya iwas. Two years had passed, and before I realized, we were exchanging problems over Wendy’s burger and Spam, letting our damn suppressed spirits out. I still find it odd, a neck-twister, a lip-supple-ER!

Clock struck 12 so I logged in, got my coffee-creamer flavored oatmeal handy to the left of my station, put on my red spring jacket, plugged in my radio net stream headsets, set up those 20 applications and browsers on screen, sit back, and go cruisin and browsin on a 9-hour voyage in wa-wa-wa world.

Hey, just got an email from a teammate. These are actual cases, by the way.

Pau, I don’t see copyrights. Too late! And thanks!

* Itinerary Number:
* Subject: Hotel questions or comments
* Comment:
In the one bedroom, ocean front rooms WHERE is the bedroom and bath located? Can't figure it out from the virtual tour as it only seems to cover the living room. Thanks

Kung irate ang customer, mag-irate-an nalang tayo:

Dear Expedia Customer,

Thank you for contacting Expedia.com about your reservation.

The bedroom is located just right on the beach, on the shore, beside the boats near the life guard, so that if you accidentally dropped your common sense, someone will be there to help you pick it up.

Please be reminded that since your bedroom is located on the beach, you need not look for the bathroom. You can take your toiletries and wash your self right in the ocean.

Thanks for choosing Expedia.com.

Expedia.com Customer Support

Convenient amenities! That should save you time for the day-tour!

Aa-aa next case please.

* Subject: Vacation questions or comments
* Comment:
I booked my wife (Melinda) as a male, buts she's not. I assure you. Can you fix??

Fix? your wife?

Some call-agents say doing e-mail is boring… we say “eat your hearts out!!!!!” There’s so musch to do on our end. (Sshhh… we do actual work on the side. harharhar.)

snoozed at 3:20 PM .
Saturday, January 08, 2005
So where's Silent Voice?

Is this it???

I hear the rusty door squeakin......

snoozed at 8:09 PM .
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